The Simple Life Decor is OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin!!


As you guys know, I have been online mainly for a couple years now and I’m happy to share with you guys that I have an official store! The Simple Life Decor is located in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin in the beautiful Door County.

Let me take you through my store and show you how hard myself and my team have been working to make this dream come true! All of these products are for sale in our store ONLY! So come on in and check us out!

We’re open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays all summer long!

Like I’ve said, officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

Photo Credits to Abigail Schoenike

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Don’t Forget!!!!

I have an instagram page now!! Look up: Simple Life Decor

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My name is Wendy and after leaving a stressful career, I am on a journey to a simpler life. I have started a business called The Simple Life Decor ( specializing in mid to high end cottage style furniture and decor for cottages and primary homes. My blog is focused on living a simpler life whether it be through creating a serene environment in your home or simple living tips! Subscribe to my list and shop!

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