Do you have a relatively small kitchen space? Whether the small space is at home or at a cottage, you can make the most out of your small spaces with these few hacks and tricks!

1.) Small furniture in a small space isn’t always best. A bigger dining table or chairs can often be better than a smaller size. Bigger doesn’t always mean over powering.

2.) Combine like objects such as garbage and recycle into a cabinet space. Have it “hidden” within the cabinet space.

3.) Use mirrors or glass to bounce light around, it’ll make the room look more spacious.

4.) Think vertically! Vertical lines make the room “reach up to the sky.” This can involve cabinets, artwork, and appliances.

5.) To the ceiling cabinets. Cabinets that stop before the ceiling really show how small the room may be.

6.) Light colored cabinets. Light colored cabinets and cabinets with glass front doors lighten up the space where dark colored cabinets give the impression that the room is much smaller that it is.

7.) Let light in. Don’t have a window treatment that blocks a lot of light entering the room. Rooms that don’t have a lot of light entering them tend to downsize them.


8.) Put function FIRST. Create the space based on your natural habits. If the first thing you do in the morning is get a pot of coffee going, then make sure that is a very accessible spot verses putting in storage and taking it out every morning. That way, it’ll be easier to go about your daily routine.

9.) Make sure you can move efficiently between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. This is what’s called the work triangle. According to NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) standards, space between the sink to the refrigerator should be no more than 9 feet. From the sink to the stove should be no more than 4 feet. Obviously in a smaller space this isn’t exactly possible, therefore adjustments would be made.


There you have it! Hopefully these great tips will help enlarge your small area of a kitchen within your home or home away from home! If you have anymore tips or tricks, please share with us in the comment box below!

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Whew!! January is almost over! Do you know what that means? SPRING IS COMING!! If you’re anything like me, I love spring and the freshness it can bring to your home after the long, cold winter months. To get us over some of our winter blues, I thought I’d share with you some of my techniques to making your home feel refreshed and brand new for the spring months to come!


Adding color throughout your home is a great way to re-freshen the energy that may have been dulled with these cold days! What colors should you add you ask?

Citrus colors are guaranteed to make your household more lively. Think of a bowl of fruit with oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit… you have your pale yellows, pinks, greens, and oranges. These colors will leave a long lasting impression on your home throughout the rest of the year!

2)Accent Pieces

Lets talk about accent pieces! These are extremely easy and cheap to add to your blooming household!

~Preppy green centerpiece

~Fruits and flowers make great accents!

~ Don’t forget about patterns!

~Metallic Pieces!


~ Floral Pattern Valances!


~Natural Fibers!


– Sisal


Hope these tips are helpful when decorating for spring!

Lastly don’t forget—Choose a color or pattern that makes YOU happy 🙂



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You don’t have to be a minimalist and live with hardly anything to achieve simple living. Simple living is more of a mindset than a protocol. Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and don’t weigh you down will help to create the inner peace that fuels simple living.  Part of simple living is about decluttering your life whether it be physical items or mental clutter.

As you may know from previous posts, I am a recovering sentimental pack rat.  I have a hard time letting go of anything that reminds me of something from the past.  What I have discovered though is that I was holding onto a lot of things that weren’t making me happy. Many of them did the opposite and reminded me of things that I really didn’t want to remember.  They also kept me trapped in the past.

Once I started asking myself “does it make you happy” when looking at an object, I found it was much easier to let go when the answer was “no”. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very hard for a gal who is very sentimental.  I hemmed and hawed over some of the items.  One of the hardest to let go was roses from my grandparents’ funerals.  I had wanted something to remind me of them, but I realized that the roses reminded me of an awful time and didn’t really honor their memory the way I wanted to remember them.  Instead, I wanted to remember them by the cookie jar on the counter that was always filled with cookies when I went to my grandparents’ house as a kid. That cookie jar is now on my kitchen counter.  The roses are gone.  I’d rather remember my grandparents by the way things were when times were happy than by the last hard days at their funerals. Plus, I feel like I am honoring their memory the way that they would want to be remembered.

This is just one example, but I discovered that there were many other examples in my basement packed away in boxes or out on display that didn’t make me happier or bring me joy. Why would I keep them?

What do you have in your home that doesn’t bring you joy or make you happy?  What is weighing you down so that you can’t achieve inner peace?  These are some very important questions to ask yourself.  There could be guilt associated with letting some of these things go but if it is robbing you of being able to achieve simple living, then it’s not worth the price of your inner peace.





Unruly junk drawer(s)?  I have an endless battle with my junk drawers and usually they win.  These are some really simple solutions to keep organized with things you already have laying around your house. Brilliant!



I have thousands upon thousands of pictures that haven’t been developed since they came out with this grand invention called the digital camera.  The number of pictures I have are staggering but here are some ideas I have found for tackling this overwhelming issue:

  •   Create a photo montage to music. I make one for each of my kids on their birthdays or after a special event like a Disney Vacation. They are fun to watch and can contain a lot of pictures.  Windows has a program called Movie Maker that is free and easy to use. It’s usually already installed on your computer out of the box.
  •   If you bought a digital frame when they were all the rage, you probably have used it just as much as I did… for about a week.  More often than not, I have seen digital frames not being used when I’ve gone to friends’ houses.  Recently I brought mine to work for my desk and now get a ton of enjoyment by seeing pictures I haven’t seen in years being displayed.  I simply upload the pictures to a USB thumb drive instead of uploading them to the internal memory. Buy a USB drive that’s large enough to hold thousands of pictures.
  •  Organize all of your photos in folders on your computer.  I sort my pictures into folders such as Christmas 2013, Easter 2013, Apple Picking 2013, etc.  My pictures are easier to find and I can scroll through whichever photos I want when I want to reminisce.
  • Do you have 10 pictures of the same pose hoping to get everyone to look the right way and keep their eyes open? One way to tackle this issue is to use Windows Live Photo Gallery photo fuse. Again, it’s a free program offered by Windows. It allows you to take two nearly identical poses and swap heads, bodies, smiles, etc. This allows you to get the best pose of each person into one photo. Then you can delete the rest of the photos you don’t need. Here are some older instructions on how to use photo fuse but are still relevant:

Best of luck tackling this overwhelming issue! Happy simplifying!


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