Buying new furniture or getting new carpet installed is a huge commitment. When you bought your first set of brand new furniture, did you plan on having children? Pets? Children and pets can play a huge role when it comes to picking out the right fabric for your brand new furniture pieces. When you got the basement or living room refinished with new carpet, did you expect all those juice and pet stains? With today’s manufacturing, there are many choices when it comes to fabrics. Even if you want to go a more natural fiber route, the choices are sure to please!

I’m going to give you a little intake on what I believe are appropriate fabric choices for select furniture and carpet. All of this information, I received in my Textiles class this past semester. We learned all the different types of fabrics, how they are made, how to take care of them, and especially what works best for your individual home.

First fabric I would choose for furniture is 100% Polyester.

Favorable Properties


-Soft hand

-Abrasion resistant

-Wrinkle resistant

-Easy care

-Thermoplastic (capable of softening or fusing when heated and of hardening again when cooled)

Unfavorable Properties

-Oil stains can not be removed


-Static issues

-Doesn’t breathe well


The second fabric I would choose for furniture is Acrylic.

Favorable Properties


-Easy care

-Light weight

-Less expensive than wool

-Resist wrinkling

-Resist wear and fading

Unfavorable Properties

-Variation of quality


-Poor wet strength

-Heat sensitive


The fabric I would use for carpet is Olefin.

Favorable Properties

-Absorbs nothing


-Excellent abrasion resistant

-Resists sunlight

-Strong fiber

-No shrinkage

-Excellent wicking when thin

Unfavorable Properties


-Must be solution dyed

-Melts easily


All of these fabrics can be combined to create a better taste or feel to the original fabric. Whether you have kids who are spilling all over or have pets that regularly spend time on the furniture, these fabric choices are guaranteed to make you less stressed about that beautiful new sofa or chair in your household.

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Nielson, Karla J. Interior Textiles: Fabrics, Applications, & Historical Styles. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2007. Print.


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