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Whew!! January is almost over! Do you know what that means? SPRING IS COMING!! If you’re anything like me, I love spring and the freshness it can bring to your home after the long, cold winter months. To get us over some of our winter blues, I thought I’d share with you some of my techniques to making your home feel refreshed and brand new for the spring months to come!


Adding color throughout your home is a great way to re-freshen the energy that may have been dulled with these cold days! What colors should you add you ask?

Citrus colors are guaranteed to make your household more lively. Think of a bowl of fruit with oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit… you have your pale yellows, pinks, greens, and oranges. These colors will leave a long lasting impression on your home throughout the rest of the year!

2)Accent Pieces

Lets talk about accent pieces! These are extremely easy and cheap to add to your blooming household!

~Preppy green centerpiece

~Fruits and flowers make great accents!

~ Don’t forget about patterns!

~Metallic Pieces!


~ Floral Pattern Valances!


~Natural Fibers!


– Sisal


Hope these tips are helpful when decorating for spring!

Lastly don’t forget—Choose a color or pattern that makes YOU happy ūüôā



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Color is every where… we can’t escape it! Have you ever thought about what color does to you? To your emotions? Color can affect our brainwaves, motions, and biological systems. Now, when decorating your bedroom or living room, have you ever really thought about the colors your using? Here are some examples of how colors can affect you~

Red: courage, excitement, love, passion, sexy, increases appetite, festivity ( holidays).

Negative- hatred, aggressive, rage, war, raises blood pressure, fear.

Consumer Behavior- used to increase impulse buying

Blue: associated with water, cool, calm, comfortable, clean, relaxing.

Negative- Introversion, sadness, depression, cold, low class, isolation, loneliness, gloominess

Consumer Behavior: Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. Lighter shades have been used to symbolize luxury.

Green: relaxed, growth, renewal, eternal life

Negative: poison, envy, inexperience, immaturity, sourness, disease, guilt, rawness.

Consumer Behavior: Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients.

Orange: warmth, fruitfulness, brightness, happiness, strength, endurance

Negative: brashness, danger, increases pulse rate, inexpensive/cheap

Consumer Behavior: associated with inexpensive items and highlight sale items.

Yellow: cheerful. happiness, gold, sun, wisdom, self-esteem

Negative: Caution, sickness, nervousness

Consumer Behavior: Yellow enhances concentration, hence its use for legal pads and pencils


Take a look at these photos and think about how these rooms make you feel…







How do you feel about these spaces? Did the colors make you anxious? Did they relax you? How much time do you think you’ll be able to spend time in these rooms? Hopefully next time when you’re in a room where there may be a bright yellow vase, you’ll be able think about why that vase may or may not bother you!

Images found by

Reed, Ron. Color Design: Transforming Interior Space. New York: Fairchild, 2010. Print.

One of the most difficult things when my husband and I built our house was choosing paint colors.  Armed with several fan decks of paint swatches with seemingly thousands of choices (who knew there could be so many choices for white!?), we attempted to visualize an entire room using a 2 x 2 inch square sample.

The process was overwhelming and here’s a little known secret, even though I have a furniture and decor store, design doesn’t come easily to me. ¬†That’s why I am happy to share tools¬†when I find them that can help others who struggle like me.

Life would have been so much easier back when we were building our house if I had an iPhone with some handy apps that could help me in this process. SherwinWilliams’ ColorSnap app and Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture app allow you to take a picture of a color that you like and it will match it to one of their colors. ¬†If there is variation in the photo, it will match each of the colors in the photo. ¬†Take a picture of furniture you like or a picture of a wall you see at a friend’s house. ¬†So simple! ¬†One word of caution though is that the lighting can completely change the color so remember that when snapping the photo.

These apps are a great tool to help narrow down color choices but doesn’t completely eliminate the need for reviewing the color samples in the store. ¬†Choosing paint colors doesn’t have to be so overwhelming with this little lifehack!


Right about this time of year, ¬†I start to dream about being on the beach in a warmer climate. ¬†You don’t have to live on the beach to create an environment that is reminiscent of being on vacation in your own home. Creating a cottage style retreat in your home is a good way to make you feel like you’re on vacation even if the snow is swirling right outside your door. ¬†Here are some tips for creating your escape: ¬† Use Paneling on the Walls and bamboo shades like this home by¬†Portland Interior Designers & Decorators¬†Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.¬† ¬†Nothing says cottage style to me like paneling. This tasteful wall paneling in a beautiful sage color brings an air of being at a cottage or beach house.

Decorate in bright and airy colors!  I tend to be drawn to blues and white when I think about beach house decor.  In the dark days of winter, having some brighter colors are a good pick me up.
If you can, choose white cabinetry and woodwork throughout your home.  This fun coastal back splash in your kitchen is a nice coastal touch!
Buy Cottage Style Furniture.  Shabby chic distressed furniture or painted cottage furniture are very popular in coastal style homes.  Choose bright colors or pastel colors to bring a calming and serene environment in your home.
Jake Wall Mount TV Cabinet-300x300
See my Post on Cottage Style Furniture.
Home accents with a nautical or coastal flair are a nice touch.  Feel  like you are on the beach with a few added pieces.
burlap buoy table lamp
Begin creating your vacation like retreat with cottage style furniture from The Simple Life Decor!
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