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Cottage Style Furniture is a charming way to add a warm and cozy feeling to your home or cottage.  Characterized by a vintage or shabby chic feel, you can make cottage style part of your decor by adding a few distressed furniture pieces. This look is timeless and even more importantly, durable.  If you have kids or pets, cottage style is a perfect look to disguise any scratches or chips that inevitably come with the territory.

Some of my favorite cottage style furniture from The Simple Life Decor store!  The best thing is that each of these cottage furniture items are custom built in many different finishes that will perfectly fit your cottage style decor!

Alyssa Mirror-300x300

Alyssa Mirror

Alyssa Twin-300x300

Alyssa Bed 


Plantation Linen Press

Alex Buffet-300x300

Alex Buffet

Kelly Buffet-300x300

Kelly Buffet

Caleb Wall Mount TV Cabinet-300x300

Caleb Wall Mount TV


Coosaw Huntboard

Don’t forget to check out my blog post about Buying Furniture Online!  Buying furniture online doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Guess who added Reclaimed Wood Furniture to her store?!  This gal!  Check out our gorgeous new handcrafted tables and chairs and continue to check back for new items being added.    You can find them all here!



Driftwood Coffee Table


Lobster Crate Coffee Table


  Farmhouse Table


Driftwood Coffee Table with Shelf


Whitewash Driftwood Coffee Table




Driftwood Sideboard Cabinet

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