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00df6acfd9cbb28d3fd6e505eb6f6b3bAbout a month ago, I was struck by a scene that I had witnessed by a couple at a popular restaurant in a tourist area in Wisconsin. They appeared to be two parents who had gotten away for a romantic weekend  and were seated at a table with a beautiful view of the water.  Instead of talking to each other or enjoying the scenery, they were taking pictures of their food and posting to Facebook about what I can only assume is the awesome time they were having on their vacation.  They spent a good portion of the meal on their phones and really missing out on the gorgeous scenery in front of them and the time that they had together.

Isn’t this a common scene though? How many times have people spent more time engaged with their online friends than with the ones right in front of them? How many times have people been more concerned with bragging about the awesome time they are having than actually enjoying the time they are having?  How many conversations are had between friends, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends over text message rather than just picking up the phone and talking to each other? How many times have I opted to spend 10 minutes ordering online rather than 2 minutes calling the pizza place?

Often I am guilty of taking so many pictures to capture a moment that I forget to enjoy it sometimes.  I get frustrated when my kids don’t look at the camera or if they make a silly face.  Instead of taking the moment in to remember it,  I’m more concerned about how to document the memory on my camera and share it on social media.

Are we truly a disengaged, engaged society?  Are we so engaged in what our friends are doing that we are disengaged in everything going on around us? Are we so afraid to miss out on something online that we miss out on the moments that really count?

Simple Living Tip:  Today, I challenge you to put down the phones and step away from the social arena to be more present. Opt to be engaged in the people who are in front of you over the people you are trying to impress online.  The ones that truly matter don’t need to be impressed anyway.



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