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Cottage style decorating doesn’t have to end with your cottage staircase. Create one of these cottage style themes to spruce up your cottage staircase.

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  via Jonathan Adler Nautical Decor

Via Jonathan Adler Nautical Decor




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Wool and Leather and Microsuede, oh  my! There are many so choices in furniture upholstery that can make the process of furniture shopping overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be intimidating though with this article link below that discusses the durability of many fabric choices. With kids and a dog in our house, we have found leather to be the most durable. Be careful though that you have a strong, thick leather. We made the mistake of purchasing a soft leather at first but it had scratches in it after a very short time. We switched to a thicker leather and our furniture still looks brand new five years later. It’s easy to wipe up spills from the kids, it doesn’t fade and there is no place for dog hair to stick! I agree with the author that hands down leather is the best investment.


If you have young kids, marker stains are inevitable. Even those so called washable markers ave left their mark on many an outfit.  Outfits that are too far gone are easy to toss though. Furniture? Not so much. Not to worry though! This fabulous article  gives some great tips on ridding permanent marker stains on pretty much anything!


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